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The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) is not only a valued member of DiSA, but has aa cross-disability organization which represents the interests of all persons with disabilities in South Africa. NCPD is a NGO with a footprint throughout South Africa that plays a lobbying and advocacy role when it comes to the rights of persons with disabilities. "We're an umbrella body coordinating the advancement of the rights of persons with physical disabilities in accordance with the White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and more. We have nine provincial Associations for Persons with Disabilities with numerous projects and branches that focus on rural development as well as social."

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities does advocacy work and services leading to an equitable and inclusive society. "We are affiliated to the South African Disability Alliance, as well as Rehabilitation International. Our programmes cover the whole of South Africa."

In November 2018, the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) joined Disability info South Africa (DiSA) and became an active member of DiSA by not only assisting us with various daily queries that we receive through our website, but also by supporting us financially through advertising with us in 2018 and then continuously renewing their yearly advert. 2021 is the 4th year that NCPD has supported this free service that we supply.

NCPD & DiSA Partnership

“In 2015, 20 years after braking my neck in a diving accident, I realised that there was still an urgent need for a free information service to assist and support persons with disabilities and their families, who may require information and contact details of companies or organisations that provide services and products to assist them. Without the support that we have received from a variety of companies, clubs and organisations such as NCPD, we would not have become the well rounded “Go-to- information portal” for all persons with disabilities, thus creating a link between persons with disabilities and the companies, clubs and organizations that are available to assist them.

The 4 Pillars of DiSA

4 Pillars of DiSA - Click on the image to enlarge

Over the last few years, we at DiSA have identified an urgent need to not only Inform persons with disabilities on what services and products are available to assist them through our Information Desk, but also Identify barriers to access through our "Yes to Access" platform and then Address and remove these inequalities, discrimination and barriers through our Accessible Cities-SA (AC-SA) campaign. Lastly we will Empower all persons with disabilities to live life to their fullest potential via our DiSA’s News Network (DNN) which educates entertains and inspires via our Facebook Page, Facebook Group and future Blog, YouTube and Newsletter channels.

Together with its Friends, Partners and Allies in the business and Disability Sector, DiSA is determined to kick-start a much desired change, to help create an inclusive, accessible and resilient South Africa by 2030. With this in mind and thanks to the amazing opportunity to partner up with NCPD and other Access Warriors who have joined our Accessible Cities - SA (AC-SA) platform to work together with us to help break down barriers and address some of the difficulties that persons with disabilities still face on a daily bases.

NCPD Services

NCPD offers a wide variety of different Services to assist persons with disabilities, some of these listed below are services which we promote and offer through our include:

  • Motivational Speaker's.
  • Disability Insurance Specialists and Financial Adviser's - Disability Tax Specialist.
  • Disability Awareness Training.
  • Disability Inclusion Training in the Workplace/Educational Facilities.
  • Disability Job/Learnership Recruitment Specialists.
  • Accessible Transport Supplier.
  • Universal Access Consultant - Qualified and Certified.

Workplace Policy & Disability Equity Training: The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities offers Disability Equality Training courses to address the need for information about the reality of disability. Training is tailor made for every sector, including: Tourism, Tertiary Education, Banking, Mining and more. Through training they will find ways to challenge the organizational behavior which reinforces negative myths and values and which prevents disabled people from gaining equality and achieving full participation in society. Training is done by an expert well trained team of persons with disabilities.

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Beach Permits: The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities in partnership with the Department of Environmental Services, offers persons with severe physical Mobility Impairments the opportunity to gain access to certain beaches, by obtaining a permit from DEAT.

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Job Placement & Skills Development: The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities have programs in place that aid persons with disabilities, to find jobs & acquire skills that they my need in the workplace. "We offer BBBEE advice and services related to persons with disabilities, including: Job placement, Skills development, Preferential procurement, Ownership and supply chain development."

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Motor Vehicle Importation Rebate: The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities can assist you to apply for a Rebate on a new vehicle that has been imported and has been or will be adapted to suite you and your disability.

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Universal Design & Access: Persons with disabilities are often excluded from many Events, Services, Information, Communication, Products and Venues, due to all users not considered during the planning phases. The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities can assist to prevent this from happening by applying Universal Design Principals during the design phase.

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Parking Discs: The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities can also supply information and assist with registering and applying for a Disabled Parking Disk, so that you will be able to park in a Disabled Parking space if you qualify.

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Children With Disabilities: Our work in respect of children with disabilities focuses on addressing rights violations and promoting their rights, all with the aim of and to contribute to an improved dispensation for this most vulnerable and exposed group of people in our country. Rights violations and advancing the rights of children with disabilities are addressed through advocacy, lobbying and public education and awareness raising.

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Raising Awareness: Living in an age where information is for the most part a click away to a large part of society, should mean that persons with disabilities enjoy all their non-disabled counterparts do, but despite democracy and the information age, persons with disabilities often still find themselves on the side-line when it comes to securing employment or even just having access to enjoy a sports match or theatre production. The need for raising awareness of impairment, disability and related matters, we aim to raise the level of awareness about disability related issues through various initiatives.

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Rural Development: We go to certain areas to ascertain if the information we have on-hand is correct and/or to be up-to-date with the current situation in those areas. The same goes for projects but with projects we also need to see how sustainable these projects are and if they need assistance to either stay the course or change the project toward better outcomes for the participants and beneficiaries of these projects.

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The Dispatch Arts Project: The Dispatch Arts Project is an arts and culture development project of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities and is sponsored by the National Lotteries Commission. The project’s aim is to facilitate the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in all aspects of community life in South Africa. It is a platform through which rural artists with disabilities can showcase their talents and handicrafts and make a decent living in the process.

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Training: The NCPD is proud to be in a position to offer various SETA accredited training courses ( short course, learnerships and internships) together with corporate partners whom then get their BBBEE POINTS for the DTI scorecard. We also do short training of Professionals in the Services and Health profession , for which these professionals get CPD points. The courses for architects, and other professionals is not accredited for CPD points. Other training includes Caregiver training for carers of children or adults; Governance training; Fundraising training; Disability Equity training; Reasonable accommodation; Inclusive design; Various impairments and the implications; Drivers of persons with disabilities; Human Rights and advocacy; Assistive device repairs & Transport and driving training. The majority of training sessions can be tailor-made to suit your needs.

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Other Services: The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities can also supply information and assist with a variety of other Services, including: Audits; Work placements and reasonable accommodation; Internships and training; Entrepreneurs with disabilities; Disability information and children’s programmes; Fund Raising and Referrals of persons with disabilities needing our services. Contact us for more information on: Tel: +27 11 452 2774 or Email: or read the article below about the Fund Raising Partnerships that the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities are involved in.

Fund Raising PartnershipsCasual Day

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities organize and run a number of fun raising projects to help raise funds including "Casual Day" and the "Nappy Run": ( Click image on the right to enlarge. )

"Casual Day: is South Africa’s leading fundraising & awareness campaign for persons with disabilities and is the flagship project of the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD). Casual Day was launched in 1995 and is an awareness and fundraising campaign benefiting persons with disabilities. Each year on the first Friday of September, South Africans are encouraged to go to work or school dressed differently and to wear the official Casual Day sticker to show their support for persons with disabilities."

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"Nappy Run: is a 5km Fun Run which takes place at the Joburg Zoo every year coinciding with National Children’s Day, the purpose of the Nappy Run™ campaign is to educate the public on the violation of rights of our country’s most marginalized and vulnerable group of people – children with disabilities and to appeal to the public for online donations which go towards the purchase of nappies for children with disabilities.

The event is organised by the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) and forms part of the NCPD’s observation of South Africa’s Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM) in November. The Nappy Run campaign runs until 3 December to coincide with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), while DRAM also culminates on that same day. For more information about the Nappy Run™ fun run, or to make a donation, visit, or find them on Facebook - | Instagram - |Twitter - @NappyRun. Alternatively, email them on:"

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Future Plans & Fundraising Events

To help drive this change and build accessible working environments, and an accessible society where no one is left behind, BKCOB and DiSA have a number of exciting fundraising and awareness events planned over the next few years, including a webinar which is planned for the 27th of July 2021. This event will not only raise funds for BKCOB and DiSA, to help grow the DiSA platform and improve the support service that we provide, but will also create more awareness about persons with disabilities in the workplace, to encourage companies to invest in the lives of persons with disabilities and give them the opportunity to gain employment and help promote their self worth.

Through the various webinars that we are planning, we will also highlight the various benefits of employing persons with disabilities and identify how companies and employers can go about creating environments in which the employee can succeed, while also benefiting the company, other employees, as well as the community at large. Accessible environments are so much more than just building a ramp, it is changing peoples belief that a person with a disability is disabled and cannot work or contribute. Inclusive environments help persons with disabilities to better themselves through education or employment, they are now able to contribute to society and inspire others to do the same.

Through our partnership with BKCOB we aim to motivate members to create and provide truly accessible environments and will also provide information and contact details of companies and organisations that can provide disability integration training, assistive devices, accessible transport, Universal Access Consultancy and various other tools which are used to break down the barriers of inaccessibility. We will guide them through the DiSA website and work with the members and companies or organisations that can provide expert assistance or advice in these fields, thereby creating and cementing a working relationship that can build a platform to an accessible future for everyone.

How Can DiSA Assist You?

In the name of creating and cementing this partnership to accessibility, DiSA has pledged to also support NCPD. Via the DiSA website and information service, we often get contacted by companies and individuals who are looking for services and products that can assist them, some of these products and services may be supplied by NCPD, please feel free to contact us regarding the products or services that you can require and we will then recommend a company or organisation who can assist you. Please feel free to contact us through the DiSA information website, contact details or Contact Form below, or contact NCPD directly.

Contact DiSA

If you would like to assist DiSA to continue with their journey to help create an accessible South Africa and shine a light to assist and guide more persons with disabilities through the storms in their lives, please contact Alan Downey at Office: 021 761 4831; Cell: 084 504 9176 or Email:; or please visit our backabuddy campaign to make-a- donation and support our free service that we supply - Thank You. You can also visit our Facebook Page or Facebook Group. You can also contact us via the Contact Form below if you would like any assistance or have any questions.

National Council of & for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD)

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