Diamond Level Advert


Normal Price: R3500.00
NPO & NGO Price: R3000.00

By purchasing advertising with us at the "Diamond Level",  you willDiamond certificate template automatically join the site and receive a certificate to indicate the level of advertising that you have purchased. (See Certificate to the right.). The purchase of this advert, will not only mean that you will be assisting "Person With Disabilities", and their families, but the advert will also assist you by giving exposure to your company, club or organization.

The adverts are placed on the pages on a first come first serve basis, so if you would like your advert to be placed at the top of the pages with the best visibility, you should get in early. Our adverts are no longer for life, your advert will need to be renewed on a yearly bases. Each year, you will be given the opportunity to renew your advert & retain your position on our web site. We will notify you every year before the anniversary of the date on which you placed your advert.

The cost of the Diamond Level Advert is R3500.00 & it is the  most expensive of the 5 Levels. It will ensure that your logo is displayed on the Home Page & a further page from each of the remaining 4 levels, in the categories of your choice, thus giving you the best visibility for your advert. There are reduced prices for NPO's & NGO's, the Diamond Level Advert for this type of organization is R3000.00 per year.

The adverts are placed along the right of the page. The level of the advertising is listed on the top right of every page. If you would like your advert to be included in more categories or pages, than those listed above, it will cost R500.00 per extra page. Once you have chosen the level of your advert & the pages that you would like your advert on, you will be required to pay the joining fee upfront (Please contact us for our banking details.) Contact Us

Your Advert will include the following:

  • A square advert, which includes your logo & a list of a maximum of 5 products or services that you supply.
  • A Facebook advert, with an image showing what products & services you supply & a few paragraphs about your company with your Contact Details.
  • We will also promote your company & some of your products or services on our site.
  • You will be emailed a "Certificate of Membership" & will also be sent an email with links to your adverts.

If you would like to advertise with us, but do not own a web site, we can either:

  • Link your logo to your contact details.
  • Build a one page web site, which will include:
    • Your Contact Details
    • A paragraph about your company
    • A list of products & services you offer

Your website will cost R1000.00 above the price of your advert & will have a sub link to this site, e.g. ""

If you would like to Advertise with us, please fill out the form below, to assist us with gathering your information & needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us

Please insert the links to the pages that you would like to advertise on based on the level you have chosen. (One per Line.)
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