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Non Compliant Transport & Travel

Public Transport in any form should be inclusive and accessible for everyone. The following are some of the criteria which might be available and non-compliant or unavailable:

  • A Continuous Accessible Path of Travel (CAPT) with a width of 1500mm-3000mm which includes at least a level (1:50 gradient), firm, even and slip resistant surface with applicable handrails, guardrails and Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (provide orientation/wayfinding to people who are Blind or Vision Impaired) to and from a bus stop, taxi-rank or train station.
  • Kerb ramps with a min. width of 1000mm and a min. gradient of 1:12 and firm, even and slip resistant surface.
  • Adequate wheel chair circulation space and resting area while waiting for the specific mode of transport. (shelters are recommended but are not mandatory).
  • The availability and condition of available transportation transfer assistive devices such as wheelchairs and mobility aids, seating, leveling ramps, hoists, lifts and fasteners/attachments.
  • Adequate wayfinding signage and information, also to inform fellow pedestrians and passengers what to expect, e.g. relinquishing the relevant occupied seats in a wheelchair seating bay on a bus or train.
  • Journey planning: accessible ticketing machines / offices, time schedules and mapping.
  • Wayfinding: auditory devices and hearing augmentation for people with Vision and Hearing Impairments respectively.
  • Qualified trained staff/officials to assist people with disabilities, journey planning, boarding and alighting the various modes of transport.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against through Non Compliant Transport & Travel, please feel free to fill out the form below and we will come back to you within 48 hours.

You can also read the information and follow the links below the form to find out more about Accessible Transport & Travel and the companies and organizations that can assist you in South Africa.

I consent to enter into dispute resolution. (Dispute resolution is an opportunity for people to talk about the complaint and explore ways of resolving it by mutual agreement.)

Public & Private Accessible Transport Services

Some Government projects include introducing services to specific Cities or Provinces, these services cater and are accessible to some persons with disabilities. There are also private companies who specialize in the transport of all persons with disabilities in South Africa. Some companies & organizations also rent out accessible or adapted vehicles suitable for persons who use Mobility Aids such as Wheelchairs, Scooters and Walkers. Click on the link below to find out more about these services that are available and the companies that supply them.

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Accessible Travel

South Africa is a very popular and relatively accessible tourist destination. They aim to ensure that all aspects of tourism are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age. Despite this, one of the biggest obstacles still faced by many travelers with Mobility Impairments, is finding suitable Accessible Travel and Transport which can cater for persons who use Mobility Aids such as Wheelchairs or Scooters. Persons who rely on this type of equipment traditionally face many obstacles when traveling, they not only require extra space to maneuver and store their Mobility Aids and other equipment, but many of these people also have difficulty transferring to and from their Mobility Aids into a seat or into a vehicle.

There are various options when traveling in South Africa or overseas, including traveling by Air, Sea, Rail or Road, which are all possible to some degree for persons with Mobility Impairments. Each person is different and each form of travel offer its own pro’s and cons. Your travel arrangements can be booked online via the company web site which may also specify more details on what disabilities they can cater for. When deciding to take a trip, whether it is for a holiday or for business, it is important to start organizing & planning your transportation and travel arrangements a couple of weeks or months before departure.

Click on the link below to find more information, links and tips about the different forms of travelling that is accessible to you, as well as some of the companies and web sites that can assist you in specific areas.

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