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DiSA Statistics 2021

2021 Statistics - (Click On Image To Enlarge.)

The FREE information and support service that DiSA provides is privately run and funded through donations and various advertising options that we offer Companies, Sports Clubs and Organizations.  DiSA was started over 6 years ago in 2015, over this time we have assisted thousands of people throughout South Africa thanks to this financial support. Over the last 2 years many Companies, Sports Clubs and Organizations have struggled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and lockdown, but through continued support we  are able to still offer this service free of charge, while also developing new platforms to promote the need for accessible environments, products and services.

Becoming a "Member of DiSA" by "Advertising With Us" or joining one of our platforms below, not only ensures that you will be assisting "Persons with Disabilities", and their families, but your advert will also assist us to promote your business, products and the services that you supply.

1. Become A Member - Yearly Advert

We offer Companies, Clubs and Organizations the opportunity to join the DiSA family and become a Member by" "Advertising With Us" on one of our 5 advertising levels below. Adverts listed according to when they first joined DiSA, each year you will be given the opportunity to renew your advert and retain your position on our web site. We will notify you every year before the date on which you placed your advert. The cost of this advertising will depend on the level that you purchase.  There are 5 Levels, with the first level costing the most and being visible on the most pages, therefore offering the best visibility. The number of pages on which your advert appears on the site, reduces if you opt for the cheaper options. The 5 Levels are listed below, prices listed below are likely to increase in future, so get in early.

1. Member - Yearly Advert
Bronze Level
 Silver Level
Gold Level
Platinum Level Diamond Level
One Page Website
1 Advert on Bronze Level Pages + + + + +

Don't have a web site, would like to advertise? We can build you a one page web site, includes:

  • Contact Details & Email Address
  • Info about your company
  • Products & services you offer.
1 Advert on Silver Level Pages + + + +
1 Advert on Gold Level Pages
+ + +
1 Advert on Platinum Level Pages
+ +
1 Advert on Diamond Level Page
PRICE PER YEAR: R400.00 per extra page.
R3000.00 R3500.00 R4500.00 Contact Us
Adverts Include: Square Advert with logo; Information about your company; 2 Facebook adverts; Certificate of Membership; Promotion of products/services on the DiSA website.
YouTube Videos: Are available for Diamond Advertisers at an extra cost and we will include YouTube videos about various products or services that you supply. The price will depend on the number of YouTube videos included – Please Contact Us  for price.

2. Monthly Slideshow Adverts: Ruby & Gold Level


Advert Description
Advertising Options
Monthly Slideshow Adverts on select pages are an optional extra for all Diamond Level Advertisers.

  • Size of Advert: 2000 x 609
  • Slide links to your website
  • Includes images of products or services
  • Adverts also Include:
    • 2 Facebook adverts
    • Certificate of Membership

Please Note: Prices do not include design of the slides. R200.00 design fee is charged per slide.

One Slide for One Month: Home Page (Designed by Advertiser) R800.00
One Slide for Two Months: Home Page
One Slide for Three Months: Home Page
Two Slides for One Month: Home Page Mobility Impairments
Two Slides for Two Months: Home Page Mobility Impairments
Two Slides for Three Months: Home Page & Impairments Pages
Three Slides for One Month: Home Page & Contact Us for Options of Pages.
Three Slides for Two Months: Home Page & Contact Us for Options of Pages. R2000.00
Three Slides for 3 Months: Home Page & Contact Us for Options of Pages. R2500.00
Please Contact Us if you would like to Advertise or have any questions.

3. Accessible Cities South Africa - Access Warrior

Accessible Cities South Africa (AC-SA) is a new platform launched in November 2021 to promote accessibility in South Africa while working together with other organizations and companies to make change from the ground up. We offer various packages for those companies and organizations that would like to join Accessible Cities South Africa (AC-SA) and work together for this common cause. please see the various advertising options below or visit our Accessible Cities South Africa (AC - SA) platform to find out more.

Accessible Cities South Africa (AC-SA)
Advertising Options
Through our Accessible Cities South Africa platform, DiSA is committed to promote accessibility for all persons with disabilities, by forming partnerships with both the Business and Disability Sectors. Through these partnerships we aim to drive change from the ground up. We call on all Companies, Organisations and Government Departments to join forces with us and become "Access Warriors" to fight for change through creating awareness; embracing change and providing Products, Services or information that enable change. To help us work together and promote these Access Warriors on our platform, we have developed 4 options for them to advertise with us, these include:

1.) Accessible Cities - Access Warriors: Embrace change and want to become more inclusive and accessible for all people, especially persons with disabilities.

2.) Access Warriors - Service Provides: Provide Services, Products and Support, to assist persons with disabilities and would like to be part of this network of passionate South African's who want to help adapt the environment, cities and human settlements to make them accessible for all.

3.) Access Warriors - Information Provides: Some Organizations and Sport Clubs provide essential services to persons with disabilities, but do not have the funds to be able to advertise their services or own a website. DiSA value their contribution and would like to promote their services on our platform.

To assist us to achieve this, we call on companies to sponsor these adverts, or sponsor a page on the DiSA website to assist us to develop or upgrade essential pages that have not been supported through advertisers. Please Contact Us or view the information on the right if you would like to:

  • Sponsor an Advert or Adverts
  • Sponsor a Page.
1. AC-SA Basic Advert: - Benefits include the following:

  • 250 – 300 word introduction about company/organisation - Accessible Cities Home Page.
  • One page advert dedicated to your company/organisation, includes information, videos & images.
  • 2 Facebook adverts promoting company/organisation.
  • “Access Warrior” Badge and Certificate.
  • Your company and services will be promoted via various webinars that we run.
2. Sponsor an advert or adverts: Options include:

An option of advertising on three different levels:

  • Diamond level for the year (5 pages)
  • Platinum Level for the year (4 pages)
  • Gold Level for the year (3 pages)

Advert includes the following: Benefits depend on package chosen, please contact us for more information.

  • AC-SA Basic Advert Benefits listed above.
  • Slideshow Advert Impairments Page
  • Slideshow Advert on Accessible Cities SA Home Page
  • Banner on Sponsored Advert Page
Contact Us for Prices
3. Sponsor a Page: - Includes the following:

  • AC-SA Basic Advert Benefits listed above
  • Slideshow Advert Home Page
  • Slideshow Advert Accessible Cities SA Home Page
  • Banner on sponsored Page
Contact Us if you would like to Advertise or have any questions.