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Finding a job in these difficult times is not easy, this is even more difficult for many persons with Disabilities, including The Deaf and persons with Hearing Impairments. Stabilizing a job once you have one, is even harder. Finding a stable workforce poses many challenges. This is largely due to a factors such as:

  • Production skills
  • Effective social skills
  • The integration between worker and workplace
  • Health Problems
  • Transportation
  • Lack of Assistive Devices

Jobs offered to people with disabilities are scarce & studies have shown a correlation between disabilities and poverty. Those who are able to get jobs but unable to stabilize a job are often left discouraged & many who had participated, found that they were paid less when compared to their co-workers.

Employment Rights For Persons With Disabilities

Disability is a natural part of human life and does not diminish the right of persons with disabilities to take their rightful place in the work place. Widespread ignorance, fear and stereotypes cause persons with disabilities to be unfairly discriminated against in society and in employment. As a result, persons with disabilities experience high unemployment levels and, in the workplace, often remain in low status jobs and earn lower than average remuneration. The Employment Equity Act no. 55, of 1998 was drafted and put in place to ensure the employment rights of persons with disabilities in the workplace. Click on the link below to find out more about your rights and the Employment equity act no. 55, of 1998.

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Companies & Organizations That Can Help

Thanks to Companies and Organizations such as Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting, The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities, Isilumko, JOB-ABLED and SpecCon Holdings, there are various programs in place that aid persons with disabilities, to find jobs and acquire the skills that they may need in the workplace. Please read the information below to find out more about these companies and organisations that provide these services for persons with disabilities.NCPD

National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities offer BBBEE advice and services related to persons with disabilities, such as: Job placement, Skills development, Preferential procurement, Ownership, Supply chain development. "We will refer you to our experts in each of the nine provinces or support you from our National Office in Edenvale." Contact Danie Marais for more information via email: or at Tel: +27 11 452 2774. The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities also provides Disability Equity Training to both public and private sectors.

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Disability Equity Training

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities also provides Disability Equity Training. Many public and private sector bodies have gradually realised that their work practices and policies fall far short of fulfilling the needs, rights and aspirations of disabled people who are their clients, customers and co-workers and that, in order to change this situation, they need to turn to disabled people for education and guidance. From this realisation has grown the demand for Disability Equality Training (DET) run by disabled people, which aims to help people understand the meaning of disability, identify changes in work practice, and plan strategies to implement change

Disability Equality Training courses have been organised and run by disabled people and organizations to address the need for information about reality of disability. A DET course will enable participants to identify and address discriminatory forms of practice towards disabled people. Through training they will find ways to challenge the organisational behaviour which reinforces negative myths and values and which prevents disabled people from gaining equality and achieving full participation in society.

The National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities: offer training which is done by an expert well trained team of persons with disabilities, the training is inclusive of all impairments and addresses definitions, an inclusive workplace, reasonable accommodation, terminology and much more! TheNCPD sessions are at least three hours, but can be up to two days (depending on the needs of the client). Training is done in inter - actively, using multimedia and is not “heavy”!!! Training is tailor made for every sector, including: Tourism, Tertiary Education, Banking, Mining and more.

For references, contact:

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Hearing Loss Training And Empowerment Activities

Hearing loss can happen to anyone and NCPD would like to address the lack of services and support for this marginalised group through specific training and empowerment activities.

We provide the following to corporates:

  • To reach full potential in the workplace despite deafness or hearing impairment.
  • Communicating with deaf or hearing impaired employees in the work place.
  • From Paper to Practice: The White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the reasonable accommodation of persons with impairments/disabilities. (Accredited with 6 CPD points from HPCSA)

Workshops for Professionals working in the field of hearing loss and disability:

  • The Protocol and Guideline for identifying  functional needs of a hearing impaired or deaf adult ( accredited with 5 CPD points from HPCSA)

The following session is available to individuals, family members, NGO’s and NPO’s (including retirement centres):

  • Making the most of life despite hearing loss.

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Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting

Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting was established in 1998 and are recognized leaders in Disability Inclusion. We focus on sourcing, identifying, developing and retaining diverse talent within your organization. Through our range of Disability Awareness Campaigns, Stereotype Busting Training, Strategic Consulting, and On the Ground support services, we leverage the benefit of their extensive network and experience in Disability Inclusivity to create enabling and flexible business environments.Bradshaw LeRoux

Our significant contribution to internationally recognized Best Practice principals of disability inclusion is making impact in South African organizations, with large focus being placed on Transformation and Scorecard objectives in the space of Disability Inclusion. In order to realize and sustain these inclusivity objectives, organizational cultures and environments seek to become more disability confident, and recognize the value of this form of diversity to their businesses and in their service offerings. Bradshaw LeRoux helps businesses and people to create productive, enabling and inclusive futures.

For companies seeking to employ talent, our role is to assist you in creating an accessible work environment that provides equal opportunities for employment of people with a disability. In a nutshell, we represent both job seekers with a disability, and assist companies with including and developing people with a disability by creating a disability inclusive environment. We also offer SETA Accredited Learnership Programmes and various other services including:

Bradshaw LeRoux Services

Image courtesy of Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting

Environmental Accessibility Audits: Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting conduct Environmental Accessibility Audits designed to identify environmental barriers that could hinder access for Persons with a Disability. Our consultants will review your site, note potential barriers from a functional and safety perspective, and propose cost-effective solutions which can be actioned within short, medium and longer term timeframes. Our reports are practical in nature, specific in the solutions offered, and allow for ease of use by all. Relevant to all environments, from corporate offices, manufacturing or industry sites, education facilities or hospitality environments, we can assist.

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Disability Awareness Training / Equity Training: In order to develop and create awareness in the organisation for persons with a disability which aligns to the organisation’s D&I strategy, Bradshaw LeRoux have proposed a focused training approach aimed at raising awareness about disability as a value adding form of diversity. Facilitated by Lesa Bradshaw, who is a recognised international disability inclusion specialist with over 23 years experience, these practically applicable courses focus on the critical success factors needed to create a transformative, inclusive and safe environment in which persons with a disability feel confident to compete and succeed. Our training is designed to equip organisations and their stakeholders with relevant tools to drive the disability inclusion agenda with impact and effectiveness.

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Communications Campaign: Communicating the right messaging on Disability as a form of Diversity, and its value to business and society, is a key success factor in promoting Inclusion and building a culture of respect. The aim of any Disability Communications Campaign is to ‘normalise’ disability, shift perceptions which form barriers to inclusion, and create a culture of trust in which employees feel confident to disclose a disability in order equalize opportunities for success. Paramount to the success of changing perceptions around disability is the use of the correct ‘language’ and messaging content. This campaign includes a brand/logo design and 5 digital communications including context and design work.

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Empowerment Training for Persons with a Disability: Designed to teach persons with a disability about their rights and responsibilities within the workplace, these training sessions assist those individuals who have a newly acquired a disability, or who are new to the work environment, to understand the potential barriers to equal and dignified access to, or advancement in, employment and how to become change champions in creating an inclusive culture. Empowering by design, this practical and motivating training approach prepares individuals for their work journey and equips them with the skills needed to ‘get the job’.

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Bursary Management Programme: The bursary management programme is an excellent alternative for your company to invest in the Skills Development of Persons with a disability. The programme provides benefit to the Bursary recipients as they receive ongoing mentorship and assistive support during their years of study and beyond into their careers, creating future empowered, skilled talent with a disability. The programme benefits the Sponsoring company by building a talent pipeline aligned to its future needs whilst enjoying Skills Development objectives and positive brand recognition for respecting the value of disability as a form of diversity in the workplace.

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ODIN: Online Disability Inclusion Network is a web-based diversity and inclusion platform which supports the transformation of an organisational culture towards being disability inclusive.

ODIN Recruit matches talent with a disability to your vacancies

ODIN Learn supports your learners with a disability, whether on or off site, to promote retention

ODIN Recruit Provides you with a cost-effective, fixed cost, ‘budget friendly’ solution in the form of a subscription-based service.

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If you are a job seeker with a disability, please take a look at our Current vacancies page on our website, and Upload Your CV.

For more information, please feel free to send any queries to or take a look at our website:South African bridge to opportunity, or contact us via our Contact number: 031 765 2547. For tips on doing a good interview, email us with your updated CV to

Looking for talent with a disability?

Look no further!

We’ve been busy building a pipeline of talent with a disability to feed into your organisation’s vacancies relating to IT positions such as IT Technicians, Junior Network Engineers, Network Administrators, Cybersecurity Analysts, Applicant Engineers, or Systems Engineers.

Bradshaw LeRoux Consulting’s skills academy, the South African Bridge Academy, present the 2023 cohort of incredible talent with a disability who are ready for work and qualified with an international CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) qualification!

If you would like to link this talent directly to a meaningful career path which could include fixed term contracts, permanent employment or graduate programs, with no placement fees, then all you have to do is present the opportunity, interview the students for those opportunities, and feel the benefit of a capacitated employee.

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Isilumko was established in 1995 and is a fully fledged Recruitment and Staffing Solutions Business with robust systems, strong client relationships and references, top empowerment credentials, a stout cashbook, and a national footprint, which allows us to render superior solutions to clients. Isilumko delivers talent through scalable staffing solutions by recruiting the highest-calibre, best-suited candidates to ensure extraordinary value for our clients. Our vision is to be remembered for the positive contribution to our stakeholders. Our clients see us as a strategic partner.Isilumko

National Services include: Recruitment (Perm and Contractor), Project Management, Learnerships, Internships, Skills Training Initiatives, Bursary Services.

Special focus on Disability, services include: Tailored to client objectives, Hosting services, Workplace Accommodation, On-site Audits, Disability Sensitisation Workshops, End to end Learnership Project Management including recruitment, Learnership Registration with relevant SETA, Agreements & Contracting, Payroll services.

Recruitment Solution: No matter what your requirements, our team will assist with you with a customised solution which includes:

  • Temporary, contract or permanent placement
  • Once-off or ongoing, single or bulk recruitment service
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Look at our team as your HR department away from head office that can offer the following:Isilumko image

  • Partial or complete management of the recruitment process
  • On-boarding and life-cycle management
  • Payroll, HR and IR management, with an option of a full on-site managed solution

Industrial Recruitment Solution: Our team has extensive experience in once-off as well as large-scale bulk recruitment solutions to fulfill your temporary, contract or permanent placement and shift-work requirements. We offer a full on-site managed solution which includes:

  • Recruitment
  • Licensing
  • PPE and Equipment management, Payroll, HR and IR management

Contact Shay at: or via: Tel: 021 461 3609 or Whatsapp or Call Shay on - 071 514 6763, to discuss your organization’s requirements for recruitment, Learnership Solutions, Disability Services or please feel free to visit our website at:

SpecCon Holdings

At SpecCon Holdings, we're pioneering a revolution in education, and we invite you to be a part of it. As your trusted partner in eLearning excellence, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of learnerships. These programmes serve as powerful catalysts, propelling individuals toward success in the ever-evolving job market.SpecCon Holdings

Our fundamental mission is to bridge the gap between education and employment, forging a seamless pathway that equips learners with the indispensable skills and knowledge needed for a prosperous future. In a world where learning and employment are increasingly intertwined, we recognise the pivotal role that accessible, high-quality education plays.

SpecCon Holdings stands as a beacon of opportunity, championing a dynamic approach to learning that adapts to the evolving demands of various industries. Through our learnerships, we empower learners not only to meet but to exceed demands, fostering their growth and enabling them to thrive in the professional realm.

Dedicated to nurturing a dynamic community centred around skill enhancement, our mission is to make online learning accessible and affordable for all. Our aim is to lead the charge in encouraging businesses to embrace eLearning as the foremost platform for enhancing their employees' skills and expertise.SpecCon Unleash Your Potential

Rooted in our core values of critical thinking, innovation, and determination, our primary goal is to provide our diverse clientele with top-notch service. We aspire to be leaders in building a world where learning and development are paramount, guiding companies toward an eLearning-centred approach to employee development. Our commitment revolves around creating a community focused on upskilling, making online learning accessible and cost-effective, all while crafting a learning model that accelerates learner development.

From humble beginnings, SpecCon has evolved into a prominent learnership and training provider, along with becoming a formidable force in eLearning platform development. Today, we proudly lead the online training industry with the first MICT SETA accredited eLearning platform in South Africa. Our product range has expanded exponentially over the years, culminating in a comprehensive destination for all your learning and development needs. Our values drive us to continuously seek innovative solutions to cater to the unique requirements of our clients.

In 2020, SpecCon's horizons expanded with the incorporation of Megro Learning and Andebe Group into the SpecCon Holdings family of highly sought-after training providers. Established in 2005, Megro Learning provides and supports a wide array of training products in the Agricultural and Business sectors, while Andebe, established in 2006, is a recognised training provider in the Transport and Logistics field. The integration of Megro Learning and Andebe Group significantly advances our vision of upskilling individuals in a world where accessible learning and development are available to all.
Join us on this exciting journey to success!

Contact SpecCon Holdings at:, or via: Tel: 012 667 4962, to discuss our e-Learning platform, or  requirements for recruitment and Learnerships, or please feel free to visit our website at:


Connecting people with disabilities on scale to work opportunities, alleviates poverty. JOB-ABLED is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with disabilities. In South Africa, where approximately 7.5% of the population are medically classified as a person with a disability, the unemployment rate among this group stands at 85%. There are more positions available than there are appointments. JOB-ABLED is the go-to-platform, connecting people with disabilities, to these opportunities.Job-Abled

JOB-ABLED has created a solution for people with disabilities. Permanent or part-time jobs, learnerships and job shadowing opportunities, all fostering inclusivity. How can we achieve these goals? Through an electronic platform connecting people with disabilities to entry level job opportunities – minimum qualification grade 10 or level 4 and up. Once a person with a disability creates a profile on the App, they are connected to entry level job opportunities countrywide. All a candidate is required to do is sign into their profile and apply. The App promotes the fact that people with disabilities also have the right to dream and achieve the highest of heights, in their own unique way.

Traditional job seeking has become too expensive when you consider the cost of printing and transport, combined with a lack of access to available opportunities. These factors can be more challenging for people with disabilities specifically regarding accessibility and relevance. Studies have shown it costs approximately R900 when applying for a job (this includes internet, printing costs and traveling fees to drop off five CV’s). JOB-ABLED helps people with disabilities to drastically reduce these costs and maximise their exposure to job opportunities once registered on the App.

We work with clients such as Woolworths, Training Force, IPDM, PMI, Afri Training, Dyna Training, ESA, CAP – Shoprite learnerships, HML and McDonald's. Businesses want to appoint individuals with disabilities and work through JOB-ABLED to get connected to verified candidates. This APP is specifically tailored for people with disabilities. Don't let anything hold you back – register with JOB-ABLED today, set up your online profile, then apply for the positions in your area. It’s that simple!

JOB-ABLED is the go-to platform for connecting people with disabilities to work opportunities. In order to give you our best service together with protecting your personal information, we ask you to please register through our web-based App; it provides the necessary security to ensure your information isn't accessible to 3rd parties. You can further use the app to communicate directly with us, receive alerts on new job opportunities and monitor your application progress. Simply create your profile, upload your documents and start applying. Please follow this link: Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Michele at: or Su at:, or visit our website at:

Jobs Available For Persons With Disabilities

Companies in South Africa are encouraged to employ persons with disabilities. From time to time specific types of jobs become available, which we will list below to make the information about these jobs easily accessible to persons with disabilities. If your Company or  Organizations are interested in advertising any jobs that are available, please Contact Us to find out more.

Company Logo

Company Name

Type of Job

Advertise jobs here, which you have available for persons with Mobility Impairments.

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Company Logo

Company Name

Type of Job

Advertise jobs here, which you have available for persons with Mobility Impairments.

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