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In March 2023, Gerhard Coetzee from the INVEN-D joined Disability info South Africa (DiSA) and became an Access Warrior and member of our Accessible Cities platform, by not only assisting us with various queries that came through via the DiSA website, but also assisting us financially through their membership that they purchased.

DiSA would like to congratulate and thank Gerhard and INVEN-D for joining our "Accessible Cities South Africa (AC - SA) " platform and for becoming an "Access Warrior".INVEN - D Access Warrior - 2023

INVEN-D and Gerhard Coetzee are renowned for their innovative and creative product solutions which are specifically designed to assist persons with disabilities. Their focus on tailoring equipment and devices to suit the individual needs of each of their clients has made them leaders in the field.

As a member of our Accessible Cities platform, INVEN-D has shown commitment to work together as "Access Warriors", to empower more persons with disabilities to be the best that they can be!

INVEN-D and DiSA Partnership

Disability info South Africa (DiSA) was started in 2015 by Alan Downey and is now a non-profit company (NPO - 256-154) Gerhard (INVEN-D)_and Alan (DiSA)that provides a One-Stop Access Solution by creating a link between persons with disabilities and the companies, clubs and organizations that are available to assist them. In Gerhard Coetzee and INVEN-D we have found another essential piece of the puzzle to build on our One-Stop Access Solution. After meeting Gerhard in 2023, we saw first hand the value of the services that INVEN-D provide, to tailor make any product to find a solution for you!

By promoting the products and unique services provided by Gerhard and INVEN-D and working with them through our "Accessible Cities South Africa (AC - SA) " platform with other Access Warrior - Service Providers, we aim to ensure that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place to provide a complete Accessible Solution for the benefit of all.

INVEN-D and Gerhard

Gerhard is passionate about product innovation. In 2017, he completed an internationally recognised Master’s Degree in Product Design with a focus on Universal Design. He integrates his background in manufacturing with Universal Design Principles to facilitate positive change in the lives of persons with mobility challenges.INVEN-D

Gerhard takes a collaborative approach in designing solutions, working closely with the person with the disability, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals to create equipment that can improve their independence and mobility. He also offers modifications to existing equipment, to ensure that they are more accessible and user-friendly.

These product solutions that Gerhard has created, have transformed the lives of countless persons with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy greater independence and participation in everyday activities. INVEN-D and Gerhard's, commitment to creating tailor-made solutions for persons with disabilities using Universal/ inclusive Product Design principals, is a testament to their dedication to improve the lives of persons with disabilities in their daily mobility challenges.

Gerhard - "My preferred working environment is that in which the client feels most comfortable as the client’s experience is of utmost importance in understanding and addressing the challenges he/she faces, whether at home, in hospital, school or in places of business. If required, I am available to consult internationally.

INVEN-D Products & Projects

Gerhard - "'My approach is that products are the limiting factors in the mobility challenges we face, and that through Universal/Inclusive Design and Innovation people can be empowered to transition from being disabled to being differently abled. I tailor my problem-solving approach, techniques and skill set to individual clients and the challenges "that they experience."

"To understand a client’s mobility challenge, I follow a cycle of observation, reflection, planning and action through design. I first engage with the client, seek to understand his/her challenge and then source, where possible, a local commercially available product, and customise it if needed – without compromising on quality."

Their focus on tailoring equipment and devices to suit the individual needs of each of their clients have transformed the lives of countless persons with disabilities, enabling them to enjoy greater independence and participation in everyday activities.

INVEN-D currently provide the following services under the umbrella of universal design:

  • Consulting
  • Product problem solving
  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing
  • On sight installation/ fitment
  • Tailor made product solutions.
  • After sales service and maintenance

Please feel free to view more details below, on just a few of the products and solutions that INVEN-D have recently created to change the lives of persons with disabilities:

Combination Cycle Machine in Collaboration

The brief of the "Combination Cycle machine" in collaboration with EnableStanding Hand Cycling Centre and INVEN-D, was to design an adjustable multi-use apparatus at a limited budget, by combining an arm cycle and leg cycle machine into 1 machine, to be used as part of a physical rehabilitation services at Enable Centre.

Features of the Combination Cycle machine Include:

To use the combination Cycle in hand cycle mode, fitment of the hand curved grips is required.

Increase and decrease movement tension is accomplished by rotating an Sitting Hand Cyclingadjuster located at the end of the support arm. It has 8 difficulty settings from free spinning to full braking.

The height is adjustable to suit the user, by releasing the adjustment handle on the right hand side of the main cover of the machine.

The height range is: 1.7 m high all the way down for a seated arm cycle position. When using the machine for leg cycling, the foot pedals are fitted and the height adjustment can be set all the way down to floor and the tension adjusted to a required level. The users feet can also be strapped in if required.

Motorized Wheelchair - Workstation

Shortly after INVEN-D joined our Accessible Cities Platform, Alan got first hand experience on how Gerhard is able to put his expertise into action to develop products that can break down barriers to ensure Workstation arm without traythat persons with disabilities / different abilities are not excluded from taking part equally in society. Alan tasked Gerhard to build 2 workstations that would allow him to overcome various challenges that he had to deal with since being injured 28 years ago. The products included a portable workstation that fits onto his Motorized Wheelchair which can now ensure that he is able to take part equally, even when he is out of his office.

Alan Downey - " We believe that access is the key to inclusivity. At home my workstation is accessible and all my equipment is in close proximity to enable me to do my job with ease. Unfortunately on most occasions when I do go out, whether it be for work or to socialise, most desks and tables are not accessible to myself and many other persons who use wheelchairs or scooters".

"My new mobile workstation by INVEN-D is fantastic, it has solved various problems that I have had for years, by having a dedicated workstation which can be attached to my wheelchair and adjusted at will. As the Workstation is portable, lightweight, foldable and adjustable, I can now work comfortably and efficientlyMobile Workstation for Laptop wherever I am and then easily fold or pack it away again, when I am on the go."

This Wheelchair-mounted workstation, as well as various other products that Gerhard created, ensures accessibility and independence for persons with mobility impairments. It allows them to work or engage in various activities without relying on the assistance of others.

The workstation can be positioned according to my needs and I can perform tasks with greater autonomy. "My wheelchair workstation can be customized to accommodate my specific requirements, it is easy to setup and can be adjusted to fit my reach, height, and posture, providing a comfortable and ergonomically sound working environment. Customization options include adjustable height, tilt, or rotation mechanisms to suit the individuals preferences."

When I am finished working, it can be easily moved or transported into the back of my wheelchair or just folded away on the side of my wheelchair. The Plexi Glass tray is stylish and can accommodate a laptop, i-Pad, keyboard and mouse or trackball and can also be used to hold a book for easy reading or as an eating or writing surface, as well a variety of other functions.Mobile Workstation This versatility allows users to perform a range of tasks, such as work, study, create art, or engage in hobbies, all within a single workstation setup.

In many instances space is often a factor that prevents accessible workstations. In environments where space is limited, the INVEN-D Wheelchair-mounted Workstation can be very advantageous and has a space-saving design which is especially useful in crowded areas, small offices, or homes with limited square footage.

A portable workstation that fits onto a wheelchair offers increased productivity, accessibility, customizability, convenience, and multi-functionality. It enhances the overall quality of life for individuals with mobility limitations, enabling them to work, learn, and engage in various activities with greater ease and independence.

Gabriel - Working from Bed SolutionWorking from Bed Solution

INVEN-D recently had a great opportunity to collaborate with #Patricia Van Wijk and Gabriel facilitating the change from disability to different ability.

What a pleasure to design products that enable!

Gabriel can now use his computer for extended periods. As his independence and mobility is a priority, it was of utmost importance to develop a system that would integrate his physical needs as well as his interest in IT with his health care requirements.

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Tablet Mounting System

INVEN-D was recently tasked with designing and building a Tablet Mounting Tablet Workstation for Wheelchair & BedSystem which can be used by a person using a wheelchair and can be securely moved into position, so that the Tablet can be attached and positioned for convenient access.

The Tablet Mounting System can also easily be transferred to be used while in bed, making it an extremely adaptive Assistive Device.

The INVEN-D Tablet Mounting System offers a modular approach, allowing users to customize their tablet mounting setup and includes a range of brackets, arms, and adapters that are combined to create a tailored solution for each specific wheelchair configurations as well as the users specific needs.

Specifications include:Workstation for Manual Wheelchair with Tablet

  • Horizontal Bar Length: 500 to 700 mm
  • Vertical Bar Length: 700 to 900 mm
  • Custom Tube Lengths available on order.
  • Various Ram Mounts Used as per Customer Needs.
  • Adjustable Clamp Levers
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel 1 inch support tubing
  • Tailor-made quick mounts for the wheel chair and adjustable bed.

While this durable workstation has been designed to solve the specific needs of the client, it can be adjusted to solve various difficulties faced by many persons with disabilities in South Africa and around the world. Alternatively, if you require a product like this, to solve your specific needs, similar products can also be designed by INVEN-D to solve your specific needs. Please feel free to contact Gerhard on the details below if you require any further information about this product or similar products.

Collaboration with Sleepnet /Breathnet social responsibility non-profit Deo Volente  -  Gabriel - Working from Bed Solution

Innovation doesn't always have to be complicated; it can be as simple as finding a way to extend bed rails to keep younger patients safe. Finding the root of sleep related challenges could require a different mattress.

INVEN-D was tasked to create a higher rail system to restore the original side rail functionality and safety of the bed. While this might seem like an easily solution, it was just as necessary as many of the other more complicated jobs.

For INVEN-D and Gerhard, no job is too big or small. They are all about finding a solution that improves the lives of persons with disabilities.

Raised Bed-Rail Extension

This solution has not only given the staff at the Sleep lab a safe environment when evaluating younger patients but also provide the family peace of mind knowing their child is in safe hands getting a good nights rest.

 Contact Gerhard - INVEN-D

If you require any further information or require any of the services or adapted products that INVEN-D provides, please feel free to contact INVEN-D via Gerhard Coetzee on: +27 84 461 2222, via Email:, or at: 17 Mint street, Vredenberg, Cape Town.

Current and Future Plans

Only through inclusive environments can most persons with disabilities take part equally in society. "An impairment is any temporary or permanent loss or abnormality of a body structure or function, whether physical or psychological." According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) "Disability is imposed by society when a person with a physical, psychosocial, intellectual, neurological and/or sensory impairment is denied access to full participation in all aspects of life, and when society fails to uphold the rights and specific needs of individuals with impairments."

With this in mind, DiSA has made it a priority to not only create easy access to information through our One-Stop Information Service, but also promote access to the environment for persons with disabilities, through our Accessible Cities Platform and DNN.

Through our partnership with Gerhard and INVEN-D, we aim to provide an access solution to empower persons with disabilities and improve accessibility, so that persons with disabilities can take part equally in society, creating more opportunities for them to succeed, which ultimately changes peoples perceptions of persons with disabilities.

No company, organisation or person is an island, we all need to work together to promote real change for this to happen - This is our goal as Access Warriors!

Contact DiSA

If you, your Company, Organisation, School or Sports Club require any assistance with regards to any of the services listed above, or would like to support DiSA and other Access Warriors in their journey to "Lighting the way to an Inclusive Society", please contact Alan Downey on Email:, Cell: 084 504 9176.