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As a person with a disability, you may qualify for certain tax deductions, income exclusions, and credits. There are many South Africans who are living with a disability or who have a spouse or child with a disability. If you are one of these people, you may be eligible to claim all of your out of pocket expenses relating to the disability.SARS

It is evident from the SARS statistics that many persons with disability or parents of children with disabilities, are not claiming tax relief for SARS. It is also clear from the SARS information that most of those who do claim, are not getting the maximum possible credits. In fact, the amounts credited suggest that the amounts actually claimed and paid by SARS were in the region of 50% of what they should be.

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Who Qualifies to Apply for Disability Tax Relief

SARS defines a disability as “a moderate to severe limitation of a person’s ability to function or perform daily activities as a result of a physical, sensory, communication, intellectual or mental impairment. If the limitation has lasted or has a prognosis of lasting more than a year; and is diagnosed by a duly registered medical practitioner in accordance with criteria prescribed by the Commissioner.”

SARS also provides tax relief for anyone suffering from a physical impairment. According to the Income Tax Act, a physical impairment is interpreted as a disability that is less restricting than the ‘disability’ defined above. This is understood to be a restriction on one’s ability to function or perform daily activities but only after therapy, medication and the use of any supportive devices, is less than a “moderate to severe limitation”.

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Who Can Help With Disability Tax?

Unfortunately there are many persons with disability, that do not realise that they qualify for disability credits and that there are multiple legal ways of claiming relief on expenses resulting from disabilities. This includes expenses which help persons with disability to lead a reasonable life. Other people are claiming, but who are just not getting the full possible Tax credits.

The Disability tax law and the related SARS compliance procedures are complex, but the good news is, there are companies that can help,  "Jaco Kruger Disability TAX Specialist" & "Let Us Assist" are two of these companies. It is recommended that you make use of one of these companies, as there knowledge of the Disability Tax Regulations and their experience in maximising their clients’ claims, will make a difference to what you receive from SARS as your refund.

Jaco Kruger Disability TAX Specialist

There seems to be an enormous amount of taxpayers and parents that are not adequately informed, when it comes to the benefits of the various disability deductions. Hence, creating awareness amongst the various groups and or foundations in South Africa is of utmost importance. Every day I come across people with disabilities that are not aware of such allowable by SARS or also do not know how to effectively apply the set guidelines. Note that people with disabilities can be the taxpayer,Jaco Kruger Disability Tax Specialist the taxpayers dependent, as well as our frail care elderly citizens. We only specialize in this one service and provide this service to taxpayers across all the provinces of South Africa.

This is what we do and are passionate about. How does it work? We offer a start off free consultation for two reasons:

  • Here we define what the exact disability circumstances are, therefore determining to what extent we can be of service.
  • Once the above is achieved and understood by both the taxpayer and us, the process is then explained going forward to claim the necessary expenses on behalf of the taxpayer.

Although some taxpayers have had mixed success in claiming for their expenses, when attempting to do it themselves. The requirements and documentation are very strict now and it has become a very specialized field in my opinion. Because of the way we present our claims to SARS, we are ensured a very high success rate. Being a parent of a disabled child, makes this process a lot easier, as this invested interest that I have in our practice, ensures great success. I urge all taxpayers to make use of this allowable from SARS and to seek the services of a specialist in terms of claiming for disability costs, to ensure their claim is maximized.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact "Disability Tax Specialist: JP Kruger " you can phone them on: Cell no : 083 636 9991 or email them at: You can also visit their web site at:

Practice number: PR0003618, Postal Address: Postnet Suite 41, Private Bag X1, Edenglen, 1613

Let Us Assist

Let Us Assist is a subsidiary of the reputable Auditing company Tichauer & Bloch and is a dedicated company which specializes in Disability Tax Credits. "It’s our full-time job to help you benefit from tax credits to which you are entitled. Our services as a disability tax law specialist, is to ensure that you are receiving the maximum tax relief within the confines of the applicableLet us assist legislation. We recommend that you contact us as a disability tax law specialist who has experience in dealing with these matters with SARS. Many clients have already obtained substantial tax refunds and many more continue to receive tax refunds on a regular basis."

"We charge 10% of what you receive as a refund from SARS, with a maximum of R5000 per year. So, if we do not perform, we do not get paid. You can’t lose!  Contact Us for a FREE assessment."

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Contact Us

If you would like to contact "Let us Assist" you can phone them on: 010 900 3060 or email us at: . We also specialize in attending to prior year disputes and current year submissions. "Let us Assist" will review your tax matters free of charge to determine where they can add value to your current or prior tax years. You can also visit their web site at:

Frequently Asked Questions

 The tax relief available in respect of medical and “disability” related expenditure stems from tax laws and SARS practices that have been amended and changed on a regular basis over the course of the past five years.

1.     What is the relevance to me as a disabled person in tax terms?
It is possible that all medical expenses incurred by you could be taken into account for tax purposes, including costs paid for transport and help, subject to limitations.

2.   Who qualifies for this tax relief?
If you or your son or daughter has a limitation on their ability to perform daily activities and such limitation falls within the definition of a “disability”, as defined for tax purposes, then all your medical and “disability” expenses should be able to be taken into account for tax purposes; subject to limitations. If you or your child’s limitations do not meet the definition of a “disability” it is possible that there may still be tax relief available to you, however, such relief would not be to the same extent.

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