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Disability info South Africa NPC is a nonprofit company (NPO Reg. 256-154) which provides a free disability information portal and various support services to assist us to create easy access to information and promote an accessible future.

We would like to thank those companies organizations, sports clubs and individuals who have made donations or advertised with DiSA over the years to assist us be able to develop and provide this free Service. We have come along way since 2015 and have assisted thousands of people, but we now need your support more than ever. Due to the last two years during the Covid outbreak and shut down persons with disabilities have been affected the worst, with many losing their jobs and needing assistance, many of the organizations companies and sports clubs who have assisted us over the years have also taken a knock over this time.

Please join us on our journey to shine a light to assist and guide more persons with disabilities through the storms in their lives. We welcome and appreciate any forms of support, including Monetary Donations; Donations of Equipment; Donations of Food Parcels and Sponsorship of our Website, Pages or Adverts. In recognition of your donation, we will send you a "Certificate of Donation" and thank you letter and include your logo on our "Donations Page", with a link to your web site. - Thank You – Alan Downey (Founder & Executive Director)

Monetary Donations

We at DiSA need your assistance to help grow this service to assist more persons in need. To help raise this funding that we require, we have set up a BackaBuddy Campaign so that both individuals and companies can contribute and support us by making donations via this campaign, alternatively you can also make a direct deposit into our bank account. Alternatively you contact us via or through our Contact Form and we will send you our bank details.

We would appreciate any financial support, which will guide go towards running of this free service and development of new and future projects.

Donations of Equipment

DiSA regularly gets inquiries for Donations of equipment such as Wheelchairs, Scooters, Buggies, Computers, Hand Controls for vehicles, etc. Unfortunately, we don't currently get funding to assist those people in need, but do sometimes get contacted by individuals who have secondhand equipment that they are no longer using and would like to give it to someone in need.

If you would like to donate it to us, or would like to assist someone to purchase equipment that they need, please contact us via or through our Contact Form and we will find a worthy home for this equipment. - Thank you very much.

Sponsorship of Pages or Adverts

DiSA provides easy access to free information to assist persons with disabilities, however many Organizations, Companies and Sports Clubs which provide essential services cannot afford a website or advertising, which makes it very difficult for persons with disabilities to access this information. DiSA value their contribution and encourage companies to sponsor various pages or adverts to help make this information easily accessible.

If you would like to assist this essential drive to make information easily accessible, please contact us via or through our Contact Form, alternatively visit our Accessible Cities South Africa platform.

Funding and Sponsorship of DiSA

DiSA is a small organisation and are based in Cape Town but provide our free services country wide, we do however have plans to create various other platforms and grow our  organisation by employing personal and opening offices in other provinces to assist more people.

If your company would like to sponsor us for a period of time to assist us to reach our goals, or would like to support us in some other way, please contact us via or through our Contact Form, so that we can supply you with more information About Us and the services that we provide.

Thank You – Alan Downey (Executive Director)

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