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About Yes To Access

Yes To Access is a Service supplied by "Disability Info South Africa", which has been developed as a “One Stop Information Service for "Persons With Disabilities" in South Africa, “ We at "Disability Info South Africa" not only believe that access toPage Under Construction information is important, but also access to all aspects of life in South Africa, which is why we have launched “Yes To Access” as one of our services, therefor assisting any person or industry to combat and break down the barriers of access to enable inclusive, equitable and dignified access for all.

Yes To Access serves anyone of civil society, public and private sectors, government and tourism. Our aim is to inform all persons with disabilities of their rights and to supply a platform for them to be able to lay a complaint, which we will then follow up on to make sure that it is dealt with. Yes To Access has 12 different areas, to lay a complaint, they include: “Non-Compliant Transport”; “Non-Compliant Parking”; “Non-Compliant Built Environments”; “Non-Compliant Ramps & Pathways”; “Non-Compliant Toilets”; “No Entry to Guide, Hearing, Therapy Or Service Dogs”; “Inaccessible Education”; “Disability Access”; “Hearing Augmentation”; “Employment Inequality & Exclusion”; “Non-Compliant Tourism & Accommodation” & “Inaccessible Technology & Web Access”.

How It Serves

Yes To Access provide and enable platforms to assist anyone in breaking down the various barriers to access, such as Physical, Sensory & Cognitive barriers;Transport barriers; Communication barriers and Assumptions, Attitudes & Awareness, in addressing complaints and comments by means of:

  • Receiving; Analising; Categorising and Populating regional & demographical data reports.
  • Providing this statistical information to strategic organisations such as relevant governmental departments and NGO’s.
  • Engaging Qualified Access Consultants to assist in offering relevant & compliant accessibility solutions.
  • If or when appropriate and or justified as a last resort, seek legal aid to ensure accountability.

If you believe that you have been discriminated against through inaccessible services, click on one of the appropriate buttons below to fill out the complaint form below and we will come back to you within 48 hours.

We also include information in each category to help you find companies and organisations that provide accessible services for persons with disabilities in South Africa.

5 Easy Steps To Become An Access Supporter:

1.        Legal Background: What Is This?Access Supporter

  • The constitution of South Africa, The South African Human Rights Council (SAHRC), the equality act, the promotion of equality and prevention of unfair discrimination act of 2002 (hereinafter as ‘pepuda’) and the sans 10400 part s of the national building regulation form the basis of the rights of people with disabilities and protects all its citizens from any form of discrimination.

2.       Why Is It Necessary?

  • It is a human right under the constitution of South Africa (1996) and the pepuda, to have inclusive, equitable and dignified access to the built environment, transport, education, employment, products & services.
  • The objective is to educate, promote & advocate  inclusive access by inviting civil society and business owners alike to join our campaign by participating willingly and pro-actively to create an all inclusive and accessible living environment in South Africa.

You Can Help Us:

  • To correct the injustice;
  • To bring about change;
  • To enable access

3.       Who Can & When Is The Right Time?

Anybody, at any time can report disability discrimination.

  • Should you experience disability discrimination, have difficulty accessing or being denied access to a premise or building, product or service…

You are invited to lodge a disability discrimination complaint via our website.

4.       How?

5.       What Will Happen?

  • Firstly, you will receive an automated referenced response via your preferred choice of communication to acknowledge your complaint.
  • The person or company the claim pertains to will be contacted within 48 hours and given 7 days within to respond to the alleged offence.
  • Failure to respond will constitute a final notice to comply.
  • All complaints, anonymous or other, will be received, logged and recorded in a cloud data base, regionally and demographically based complaints will be populated into a report which will be presented to all stakeholders, including government, to respond upon into taking the appropriate steps to remedy the injustice.
  • Offenders will be confronted about their non-compliance and be given the opportunity to state their case, request advice to remedial action or alternatively as a last resort, be summoned to appear before the equality court of South Africa.
Non Compliant Transport & Travel
Non Compliant Toilets
No Hearing Augmentation
Non Compliant Parking
Denied Access For Guide, Service And Therapy Dogs
Employment Inequality Exclusion
Non Compliant Built Environments
Inaccessible Education
Non-Compliant Accessible Tourism & Accommodation
Non Compliant Accessible Pathways
Disability Defamation
Inaccessible Technology & Web Access

Please feel free to contact Yes To Access if you have any queries or would like to support this service. You can contact us on:


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