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Accessible Education - Section 12 of the South African Schools Act (Act 79 of 1996) through Section 5 makes provision for all schools to be full-service schools by stating that public schools must admit learners and serve their educational requirements without unfairly discriminating in any way.

The following are only a few of the key areas which may present some access issues.

  • Denied access when eligible to learn
  • Denied access for carer / personal assistant
  • Personal abuse / discrimination
  • Access to premises / buildings
  • Designated accessible parking bay (DAPB)
  • Accessible information / /wayfinding  / signage / communication / navigation
  • Unisex Accessible Toilets (USAT)
  • Transport or events / activities
  • Assistive learning devices in classroom
  • Training of teachers / lecturers to accommodate learners

If you believe that you have been discriminated against through Inaccessible Education, please feel free to fill out and submit our Disability Discrimination Complaint (DDC) Form, which we will review, then take to the relevant authororities.