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An intellectual disability can exist during childhood, rather than happening later in life. This means that an adult who has a car accident and suffers an injury which affects their IQ and cognitive functioning will be categorized as having an acquired brain injury rather than an intellectual disability.

People with an intellectual disability have difficulties in:

  • Understanding complex information.
  • Using logical thinking to plan ideas and solve problems.
  • Following directions and instructions, particularly those which involve multiple steps or complex information.
  • Using judgment and abstract thought.

As there is a wide range in IQ scores which can lead to a student being categorized as having an intellectual disability, it also follows that there is a wide range of learning materials and teaching and learning activities which will be needed to meet the needs of individual learners within your special needs classroom or in a mainstream setting. Often students with an intellectual disability will manage better if they receive teaching interventions which are individually planned and targeted at specific goals and learning needs.

There are also Organizations & Companies such as Edit Microsystems, which offers a wide variety of solutions and can also advise you on what equipment would best suit your needs and also teach persons and offer support to them on how to best use the equipment that they supply. To view more information about these Assistive Devices and others, read the article below or view the menu on the left.

Computer Software

Boardmaker Plus V6

The Boardmaker Plus V6 is an educational software program designed for students with learning challenges. Is assist teachers, parents and speech and language therapists to create on screen and symbol based learning activities for students with special needs.

Practice activities such as quizzes, worksheets, schedules, books, writing activities, games and communication boards.
Drag and drop images from the internet.
Link boards together into themed interactive units.
Install optional country specific symbols for holidays, currency and food.
1-44 language translations available.
supports English as a second language.
Print and cut materials with the help of dash lines.
create dynamic activities for sorting, counting and sequencing.

Technical Specifications
Windows CD-Rom
Mac OS X CD-Rom

Products & Equipment
Silver Level Membership