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Persons with disabilities including some persons who are elderly and those with Mobility Impairments who use Wheelchairs may require various types of Health Care Accessories on a daily basis. Health Care Accessories include a variety of products that range from Cleaning and Sterilization services and products to Medication, Wound Care and Incontinence Products for both the Bowel and the Bladder, such as Colostomy Bags, Sanitary Products, Nappies, Protectors, Urine Bags, Catheters, etc. Various products have also been developed as a solution that provides both comfort and dignity to those users and are also biodegradable, so do not cause harm to the environment. These products as well as other Health Care Accessories that are essential to the elderly or persons with disabilities to help them maintain their dignity and health are available to purchase in South Africa from various companies such as Pro Mobility, Leafline and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services , who also deliver products to your door and provide various other essential services.

Thusanang - Enabling Support Services: provides assistance to persons with disabilities by seamlessly offering specialThusanang - Enabling Support Services medical consumables including Incontinence Products, Wound Care Products, Medication, Urine Bags & Accessories, Hygiene Products and Stoma Products, with door-to-door delivery to certain areas. Working closely with Associate Case Managers enables us to determine and agree on each individual’s specific requirements and then provide a 3 month supply of medical consumables. We also have close relations with numerous manufactures and suppliers of equipment, devices and medical and surgical consumables and now accepts all medical aids. Our organisation also offers RAF benefits, motivational talks and specialised caregiver training aimed at equipping the caregivers with adequate hands-on knowledge on how to assist persons with disabilities in their day-to-day lives including healthy living, hygiene, simple exercise, diet, etc. Thusanang have offices in both Boksburg and Limpopo. You can contact Ms Edwina Makgamatha on Tel: +27 (0) 11 453 0480 or Email: or visit their Boksburg office at: Unit 19, Jan Smuts Park, 62 Jones Road, Jet Park, Boksburg 1459, or contact them at their Limpopo Office at: Shop 6B Mokopane Plaza, 101 Nelson Mandela Drive, Mokopane 0600 on Tel: +27 (0) 15 491 1099 or view their Catalogue. Alternatively you can visit their website at:

Pro Mobility: is Your One Stop for Assisted Living and Mobility Access Solutions; we provide leading-edge services and solutions to those with mobility and agility impairments or limitations. With first class service and support, we cater individually to each of our clients to find the best accessible solutions according to their mobility needs. Pro Mobility are Authorised Agents forPro Mobility Autochair and Ardoo Products in South Africa and sell or rent out a wide variety of "Hoists, Lifts, Ramps and Transferring Aids" as well as Assistive Devices such as Bathroom and Mobility Aids, Pressure Care Products, Health Care Accessories, Pediatric Equipment, Accessories, Seating and Positioning Equipment and Services and Vehicle Adaption’s and Equipment. Pro Mobility can also install service and repair the products that they sell and supply.

Pro Mobility has their Head Office in Durban where they also offer an Accessible Transport Service and have recently opened their first concept shop in Cape Town. “We have created a welcoming, wheelchair friendly space for any person with a disability or impaired mobility to come and see all the available items as they would be in your home. The shop is easy to find and has ample parking. We carry a wide range of products and accessories, from mobility to incontinence products, for use throughout your home.”

Please feel free to visit the Pro Mobility web site at: or contact them if you require any of their products or services listed above, or you can contact them at: Natal or Johannesburg: via Clinton on: 083 775 0611; email:, or visit their Shop at: PO Box 2123, Westville, Kwa-Zulu Natal, 3630, South Africa, or
Cape Town: via Lee on: 021 111 0980; email:, or visit their shop at: The Village Square, Shop 8, Plumstead, Cape Town.

Leafline: Leafline manufactures and sells affordable and bio-gradable sanitary products, nappies, and chair and bed protectors which are made from natural fibre. This washable, cost effective, and environmentally-friendly range of sanitary products use the inner part of the cayenne pineapple leaf.  This is a South African, and world-first, innovation! The range includes sanitaryLeafline towels, adult and children’s nappies, breast pads, as well as chair and bed protectors. The fibre absorbs moisture and odours and is easy to wash and dry.

Leafline was started by Candy Androliakos who is a beauty therapist turned philanthropist and social entrepreneur.  The company is green-conscious and places high value on the impact its products have on the environment.   

Restoring dignity to the elderly, the disabled, and the economically stressed is one of Leafline’s core values, and for this reason, Candy pioneered a green solution to incontinence and reusable personal sanitary products. Leafline was started when Candy discovered a need for a more cost-effective way of dealing with adult. “Retired folk, particularly, have a limited budget and cannot afford costly disposable nappies. Most of the disposable nappies end up on dumpsites and create bacterial problems and landfill concerns.”

Candy saw a billboard highlighting the different uses for pulp fibre and started experimenting with pineapple fibre as washable and re-usable inner liners for sanitary wear. 

The fibre was tested and found to be free from bacteria, and not harmful on the skin. Leafline then expanded their product range to include chair and bed protectors.

If you are looking for affordable and bio-gradable sanitary products; nappies; chair and bed protectors which are made from natural fibre, contact Candy from Leafline on cell: 073 165 5632 or via email: Alternatively, you can visit their website at: to purchase online, or visit their factory at: 673 Kowie Street, Bathurst, Eastern Cape, 6166. From pineapple fibre to social innovation.

Please read the article below to find out more information about these Health Care Accessories and services that are available in South Africa and the companies that provide them.


Incontinence is a term that describes any accidental or involuntary loss of urine from the bladder (urinary incontinence) or bowel motion known as faecal or bowel incontinence. Incontinence is a widespread condition that ranges in severity from 'just a small leak' to complete loss of bladder or bowel control, it is a common and distressing problem and can have a large impact on the quality of life for persons who are young or old. It is an important issue in geriatric health care and effects many persons with Spinal Cord Injuries, it can however be treated or managed and in some cases can also be cured. There are different types of Medications and Urine or Bowel Health Care Accessories that can help you to manage or prevent these problems, as well as Incontinence Products that can reduce the effects of the problem if an accident does occur.

Urine Health Care & Incontinence Accessories

Urine Bags & Paul's Tubing

Images Courtesy of Thusanang

Urine Health Care and Incontinence Accessories are those products which can be used to manage Urine Incontinence. Male and Female bladder incontinence is sometimes managed using absorbent products such as Pads, Nappies, etc. Their are however alternative and more discreet solutions for both Males and Females with urinary incontinence (leakage), urinary retention (not being able to urinate), as well as various other health problems. These products include:

  • Paul's Tubing (Conveen sheaths) for men, as well as Urine Bags, which connect to them, to be emptied when full or at your convenience.
  • Catheters are available for both Men and Women and can be connected to Urine Drainage Bags in the same way as the Paul's Tubing are listed above.

These and other"Urine Health Care and Incontinence Accessories" are available in different styles, sizes and brand names and can be purchased from various companies and suppliers in South Africa, including Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, who stock various types of these Accessories including:

Catheters, Paul's Tubing and Catheter Bags: Catheters and Paul's Tubing from Coloplast (pictured above) are available  in various sizes, they connect to the Urine Drainage Bag which collects the urine. Urine Bags also available in different sizes and styles, at night you will need to use a bedside bag with a larger capacity and stand, while during the day, your leg bag will be attached to your thigh or calf with Velcro or elastic straps, so that you can hide your leg bag under skirts, dresses, or pants and can move around freely with it. The bag should always be lower than your bladder, which keeps the urine from flowing back into your bladder.

Read More: ....

Please feel free to contact Pro Mobility or Thusanang - Enabling Support Services to find out what size and types of Sheaths, Catheters and Urine Bags they have available to help you find a discreet incontinence solution and product combination which best suits your lifestyle.

Adaptive Clothing

Persons with disabilities who use these types of products listed above, such as Catheters and Catheter Bags can benefit from wearing "Adaptive Clothing" such as CBSS Catheter Pants. "Adaptive Clothing" is also specially designed to make dressing easier, improve comfort and promote independence for persons with disabilities or those with limited mobility. This adaptive clothing also includes products such as shoes with Elastic Shoelaces; clothing that can slip over your head like a Poncho or Wheelchair coveralls; clothing with flat seams that reduce the chance of friction and pressure soars; rear-closure designs or clothes with hidden magnets or Velcro, rather than buttons and zippers so that a person can be dressed easier by their carer or themselves. These types of clothing make the lives of persons with disabilities easier, especially for those who have to spend several hours in the same position, or those who have difficulty moving or dressing themselves. Adaptive clothing should be comfortable and help those who wear it to undertake their day-to-day activities with ease, improve their independence, as well as make the work of caregivers and family members easier when it comes to dressing the person with a disability.

As mentioned above, persons who require Health Care Accessories such as Catheters and Catheter Bags, may feel insecure in public when wearing shorts or playing sports. Adaptive Clothing such as CBSS Catheter Pants are a solution to provide comfort and dignity to catheter users. These Catheter Pants and various other Adaptive Clothing mentioned above are available to purchase in South Africa from companies such as:

Care by Sr. Sue (CBSS) Catheter Pants - the solution to provide comfort and dignity to catheter users. CBSS Catheter Pants have been researched and developed by Sr. Sue Ann Mahlwele, South African ICU Trained Registered Nurse who is passionate about patient care and who has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, both in the private and public sector.

Through her close interaction with her patients/clients, she has been able to understand their different healthcare needs and requirements. Sr. Sue believes strongly that her CBSS Catheter Pants need to embody her passion of “care” and to include a “personal touch” to align with the ethos and quintessence of her “patient specific” practice and services.

Care by Sr. Sue (CBSS) Catheter Pants

After a client conveyed to her their frustration at having a catheter bag hanging down their leg and the added anxiety experienced from the stares of people, this led Sr. Sue to seek a solution to provide comfort and dignity to catheter users. As she researched more on catheter care, she came across the idea of pants for catheter patients, and CBSS Catheter Pants was birthed. This catheter friendly clothing line currently has two terrific products in the range – Lightweight (210gsm) and Premium (320gsm).

Sr. Sue continues to provide patient care at her private practice, at Bracken Wellness Centre, 9 De Waal Street, Brackendowns as well as at various medical facilities and patient’s homes.

Patient Care services that are provided by Sr. Sue include intravenous therapy, patient coordination, wound dressing, lung function, and more.

Care by Sister Sue also offers the ideal Disinfectant Fogging Solution for you. Coming to your premises, taking all the hard work out of your attempting to effectively fog on your own, leaving you with clean, fresh air and peace of mind. Visit Hygiene Products and Services to find out more or contact Care by Sister Sue for more information on cell 073 545 3236 or email You can also visit the website at or find out more about her CBSS Catheter Pants via YouTube

Bladder Incontinence Absorbent Products

Bladder Incontinence Absorbent Products include items such as Absorbent Pads for both Men and Women, Adult Nappies, Pull Up Absorbent Pants, Mattress, Chair and Bed Protectors and Linen Savers. These and other "Bladder Incontinence Absorbent Products" are available in different styles, sizes and brand names and can be purchased from various companies and suppliers in South Africa, including Leafline, Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, who stock various types of these Accessories including:

Adult Incontinence Pants – Bundle One with Inners: The adult incontinent pants (pictured right) are designed to look like regular pants as adult incontinence is an embarrassment for some folks.  Designed with an easy side opening for bed ridden patients making it simple to remove the inner pad without having to lift the patient off the bed.Leafline Adult Nappy

Bundle One Includes 2 adult pants (choose your colour from: Beige, Blue, Pink, Purple, White) and 4 large inners (White). All pants need to be purchased with an inner to be effective. The inners get removed out of the pants once they have been soiled and replaced with a new clean, dry inner. The inner linings are made for heavy and light incontinence and have natural pineapple fibre which absorbs moisture, smell and bacteria. The inners last between 6-12 months before they need replacing.

Care Instructions include:

  • Sluice item before washing.
  • Soaking the product in antibacterial solution before machine washing is recommended.
  • Machine wash separately.
  • Use good quality washing powder and a high temperature (note: the temperature for the inners could be 40 degrees as long as they are sterile. The inners cannot exceed 60 degrees)
  • The use of fabric softener is not recommended.
  • Do not iron or tumble dry; outdoor line drying recommended

These Adult Incontinent Pants are sold by Leafline, contact them to find out more, or to purchase this product.

Disposable Absorbent Pads & Pull-Ups: Disposable Absorbent Pads are available for those with moderate to heavy incontinence, while Disposable pull-ups provide a higher level of security and come with odour protection which can be removed using tapes at the side. These Accessories are available in different makes such as MoliCare; Tena and MoliMed, which are all sold by companies such as Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, contact them to find out what other types, brands and sizes they have available to best suit your lifestyle.

Leafline Sanitary Towels: Leafline Sanitary Towels (pictured right) are safe, comfortable, discreet and reusable which makes them an affordable and earth-friendlyReusable Sanitary Towels alternative to the disposable products available. The inner fibre is very absorbent and stronger than cotton which enables the user to use the product for up to a year before having to replace it. The design of the product enables the user to fold the outer wings around their underwear, and secure it with a comfortable fastener which holds the product in place. The Sanitary towel folds into a neat pouch and can be discreetly carried in a ladies purse.

Leafline Sanitary Towels are easy to wash and use, soiled items can be washed and rinsed and left to soak overnight in a sterilising solution of bleach or Milton. The product is then washed in a machine at 40 degrees. Outdoor drying is recommended, as the natural fibres in the product will last longer with exposure to sunlight. When hung out to dry, the product is not recognised as a sanitary product, the fashionable Shwe Shwe outer fabric makes the product look like a cloth hanging on the line. These Sanitary Towels are sold by Leafline, contact them to find out more, or to purchase this product.

Leafline Chair & Bed Protectors: Leafline Chair & Bed Protectors (pictured right) are a cost-effective and simple way to protect furniture from accidental leaks. They are ideal for care homes, retirement villages and private individuals who suffer from incontinence orChair & Bed Protectors related conditions. The protectors can also be used on the bed and placed under the patient to protect the mattress. They are excellent for patients suffering from lower-limb lymphorrhoea as well as light and heavy incontinence.

The product is  ultra absorbant and washable. The natural fibre inside the product is made from the leaf of the Cayenne pineapple and is stronger than cotton, which makes the product long-lasting, durable and super absorbent.
Leafline chair & bed protectors are best washed in a cool wash, maximum 40 degrees and outside drying is recommended as opposed to tumble-drying. The measurements of the chair protectors are  50/55cm. They fit perfectly onto a standard single seater couch.  Another option for a larger item is the Leafline changing mat which measures 60/70 cm.

Leafline Chair & Bed Protectors are sold by Leafline, contact them to find out more, or to purchase this product.

Mattress Protectors: Protects your mattress from getting damaged if accidents do happen, they also help prevent allergies and dust mites. Dead skin cells can end up in your mattress if you don't use a Mattress Protector, Dust Mites which eat dead skin cells can also end up in a Mattress if it doesn't have a protector. Mattress Protectors also helps protect the warranty and are sold by companies such as Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, contact them to find out what sizes are available.Incontinence Products

Adult Nappies: are often necessary for individuals who suffer from heavy or double incontinence. They allow the skin to breathe whilst offering superior levels of absorbency. They also neutralize odors ensuring the wearer is confident and comfortable. Some types feature adjustable tapes and wetness indicators making managing incontinence easier. These Adult Nappies for both Men and Women are sold by companies such as Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services and are available in different brands. Contact Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services to find out what types of Adult Nappies are available to best suit your lifestyle.

You can also contact your Urologist if you are unsure what products you should use to manage your urinary incontinence or visit our "Health Care - Loss of Bladder Function" page to find a Urologist in your area or to find out more about incontinence issues.

Bowel Incontinence Products

Soflax & Dalcolax

Images Courtesy of Thusanang

As mentioned above, Incontinence is a widespread condition that can affect both the bladder and bowel control and is a common and distressing problem in geriatric health care and for many persons with Spinal Cord Injuries. It can however be managed with assistance from a variety of different types of Incontinence Products mentioned above which are also used for Bladder Incontinence, such as Adult Diapers, Pull-Ups, Linen Savers and Mattress Protectors, as well as through the correct diet, Medication, or Stomal Products, if the patient has a Stoma.

This Stomal Equipment as well as various Medication are available from companies and suppliers in South Africa such as Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, who also stock various brands and types of these products such as:

Medication: Various types of medication such as Soflax and Dulcolax Suppositories (pictured above right) can be used to manage the bowel routine for persons with a Spinal Cord Injury or nerve disease, who have "Loss of Bowel Function". This nerve damage means that you may not feel when you need to have a a bowel movement which often causes constipation and bowel accidents. This medication can help prevent accidents by assisting you to manage timing and consistency of your bowel movement. Your doctor may prescribe this medication, contact Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services to find out more about this medication that they supply and to place an order.

Stomal Equipment: Are products such as Colostomy Bags and Bases/Flanges (pictured right), which are used by some persons including some Quadriplegics and Paraplegics who have had their bowel surgically relocated to open onto the abdomen, thisStoma Bags & Bases opening that is created is called a 'stoma' and it is enclosed in a sealed bag system. Stomal Therapy is the management of stomas and Stomal Sisters or Stomal Therapists are responsible for helping patients adjust to living with either a permanent or temporary colostomy. Contact Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services to find out more about this Stomal Equipment that they supply and to place an order.

Contact your Stomal Therapist before deciding on what products you should use, or visit our "Health Care - Loss of Bowel Function" page to find a Stomal Therapist in your area or to find out more about Loss of Bowel Function.

Wound Care Products

Pressure Ulcers, also known as Pressure Sores or Pressure Injuries are localized damage to the skin and/or underlying tissue that usually occur over a bony prominence as a result of pressure or pressure in combination with shear and/or friction. These Pressure sores are normally caused from being in one position for too long, they commonly form where your bones are close to your skin, such as your ankles, back, elbows, heels and hips. The Elderly and some persons with Mobility Impairments are at risk to pressure sores, if they are bedridden, use a wheelchair, are unable to change position, or have poor circulation and blood flow to the area. Wound Nursing is provided by Wound Sisters and is the treatment of patients with acute and chronic wounds, they provide a modern line of wound care products, for various types of wounds, including various ointments, creams or gels which are applied to unhealed pressure ulcers and left in place to treat the wound, which may be covered with a dressing. Some of these wound care products are available from companies and suppliers around South Africa such as Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, who stock various creams and ointments such as:Prep & Supiroban

Prep Derma Protective Cream: relieves the harshness of shaving and is scientifically formulated to offer you medicated protection for your skin, it can also be used to soothe chafing, rashes, minor burns and Stage 1 pressure sores, which is when the area looks red and may feel warm to the touch. The pressure sore may burn, hurt, or itch and may look blue or purple in people who have dark skin. Applying Prep Derma Protective Cream (pictured right) to these areas, increases blood flow and reduces the itch and redness. Prep is available from various companies in South Africa including such as Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, please contact them to find out more or to receive a quote.

Supiroban: Supiroban 2 % Ointment (pictured above right), is an antibiotic which is used to treat bacterial infections such as impetigo, folliculitis, and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections. It can also be used for Stage 2 pressure sores, which is when the area is more damaged than Stage 1, the sore may be open and may look like a cut or blister. The skin around the sore may be discolored and the sore should be painful. Supiroban should be applied to these areas and covered with a dressing, the dressing should be changed once a day. Supiroban is available from various companies in South Africa including Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, please contact them to find out more or to receive a quote.

Visit our section on "Health Care & Rehabilitation - Development of Pressure Sores" to find out more about Pressure Sores & Wound Sisters, or Contact Us for more information.

Hygiene Products & Services

Hygiene is a set of practices performed to preserve health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of infections and diseases." Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body's cleanliness and includes such personal habit choices, such as how frequently you take a shower or bathe, wash hands, trim fingernails, and change and wash clothes. Persons who have recently been discharged from hospital are more at risk of infection in the home due to them needing certain procedures performed for them such as catheter or dressing replacement, which puts them at higher risk of infection. Antiseptics may be applied to cuts, wounds or abrasions of the skin, to prevent the entry of harmful bacteria that can cause sepsis. Hygiene also includes attention to keeping surfaces in the home and workplace clean and pathogen-free, especially during these times of Covid - 19, when good hygiene is essential for the elderly, persons with Mobility Impairments and those with comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension.

Hygiene Products and procedures which can be used to reduce the risk of infection around the home, include procedures such as Disinfectant Fogging Solutions. These services and the products listed above are available from various companies and suppliers in South Africa such as Care by Sr. Sue (CBSS) Catheter Pants, Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, who sell and supply various Hygiene services and Accessories such as:

Defogging by sister Sue

Image Courtesy of Sister Sue

Disinfectant Fogging Solution: Supplied by Care by Sister Sue offers the ideal Disinfectant Fogging Solution to help you feel confident that your business, school, home, car or even a person is properly sanitised. By coming to your premises, we take all the hard work out of you attempting to effectively fog your own premises, leaving you with a clean area, fresh air and peace of mind. This quick and efficient Disinfectant Fogging Solution uses a green product (herbal plant essence) and is done in less than an hour. It can be used for your Home; Business; Workshop; School / Creche; Funerals / large gatherings; Bar / tavern; Church; Car; Clothes or Persons. There are many benefits to using our Disinfectant Fogging Solution, as it Sterilizes and Purifies the air; Removes formaldehyde and Disinfects and Deodorizes. The pricing is costed per cubic square meter, please click on the following link to book your Disinfectant Fogging Solution, or please feel free to contact Care by Sister Sue for more information, on cell 073 545 3236 or email You can also visit the website at

D-Germ: is used to disinfect hands prior to procedures and examinations. It contains 70% Propyl Alcohol and emollients and 0.5% Chlorhexadine Gluconate. Chlorhexidine gluconate is a water-soluble, cationic biguanide that binds to the negatively charged bacterial cell wall, altering the bacterial cell osmotic equilibrium. Contact Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services to find out more or to receive a quote.

Savlon Antiseptic Liquid: kills over 99.9% of germs within 3 minutes, it can be used in the bath for hygienically clean skin or around the home to disinfect and sanitise surfaces. These and other Hygiene Products are available from companies in South Africa including Pro Mobility and Thusanang - Enabling Support Services, contact them to find out more about this or to see what other types of these products they can supply, or Contact Us for more information.


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